The effectiveness of Neemfresh is due to the combined actions of its main ingredients of neem leaf and Clove bud extracts both of which fight against inflammation and tooth decay.

Neemfresh works by:

  • producing a direct anti-inflammatory on the gums. This effect leads to a rapid healing of  swollen and or bleeding gums
  • actively fighting against tooth decay. It does this by interfering with the ability of bacteria to attach themselves to tooth surfaces, and by causing bacteria to clump together, thereby making them easy to dislodge. In this way Neemfresh reduces the ability of bacteria attack and damage the teeth.

Neem leaf extract:

  • Neem prevents bacteria from attaching themselves to teeth, which works against the buildup of plaque.
  • It also clasps bacteria together, preventing them from causing any additional damage and allowing for easy removal.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory product, and thus heals damaged gums and prevents further inflammation in the gums, throat and linings of the mouth.


Clove extract:

  • Cloves have an anesthetic effect on the mouth, which reduces discomfort from sensitive teeth.
  • They reduce the adhesive potential of bacteria, which prevents tooth decay.
  • Cloves also prevent inflammation in the gums, throat and linings of the mouth.