Sinuclear: our solution for the Nose and Throat


Sinuclear effectively clears blocked nostrils and relieves congestion by

  • reducing the excessive production of phlegm
  • drying nasal secretions
  • checking inflammation of the nasal linings


Sinuclear Nasal Decongestant Spray provides quick and effective relief from:

  • Sinus congestion                                                  
  • Severe colds and catarrh
  • excessive phlegm in throat (post-nasal drip)

Sinuclear effectively clears blocked nostrils and relieves congestion by

  • It reduces the inflammation (swelling) of the linings of the nose and allows expulsion of trapped air and secretions
  • It rapidly liquefies nasal and throat secretions (mucus) and makes it easier for them to be expelled from the Sinuses.
  • Sinuclear also reduces the excessive secretion of mucus, thereby reducing the pressure on the sinus walls.

Sinuclear  fast-acting, and is long-acting.

The effectiveness of Sinuclear is due to its combination of herbal extracts

Neem extract:

  • Neem is a decongestant because of its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • It prevents the excessive production of phlegm, and liquefies nasal secretion.

African basil extract

  • African basil acts against the excessive production of phlegm.

Ethiopian pepper extract

  • A spice that acts as an astringent: it causes the nasal muscles to tighten, which prevents excessive phlegm production.
  • Also adds to the fragrance of Sinuclear.

How to Use

  • Remove the nozzle cover
  • Press wings of the nozzle a few times to fill the pump
  • Insert nozzle into the nostril
  • Press wings of the nozzle one or twice to spray Sinuclear into each nostril
  • Apply 2-4 times daily for long lasting relief.

Not suitable for children below 12 years.

Available in 20ml spray bottles